College of Diplomats of the American Board of Orthodontics

Awarded March 8, 1991

Post Doctorate Masters Program in Orthodontics - University of Minnesota

Doctorate of Dental Medicine - University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine Awarded 1975

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Saint Anselm's College Awarded 1971

Professional Meetings: Participation in Panel Discussion

AAO Meetings Attended:

5/24/2005          San Fransisco, CA

5/09/2006          Las Vegas, NV

5/22/2007          Seattle, WA

5/20/2008          Denver, CO

5/09/2009          Boston, MA

5/02/2010          Seattle, WA

5/15/2011           Chicago, IL

5/13/2012           Honolulu, HI

5/07/2013          Philadelphia, PA

4/26/2014          New Orleans, LA

5/17/2015           San Fransisco, CA

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